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      Design is at its essence a problem solving process. Part of that process can be asking the question, “How do I connect to my world?”. Delineating the issues involved is a personal/intimate journey. The space that we create/inhabit is a reflection/expression of who we are and who we want to be. In life we are always moving toward who we want to be. Thus, your landscape should reflect that vision, even give you space/stage/platform for becoming that.  

Spring Color

Who am I?

What part of me thrives in this place?

How do I connect with my space?



When you walk into a landscape that has a soul you know it, you feel it.

What I do is help you visualize, create and realize your environment. I help you bring your personality, passion  and expression into your landscape.



MISSION: Design, Implement, and Manage Landscapes that connect people to the world they inhabit.



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